Key to Your Freedom

Reclaim your true joy, experience freedom and love! We are being fed a constant diet of fear-based emotions by the media and our environment. Waking up from that trance and learning how to let go of emotional baggage and negativity as they arise will make us free!

See instant results through the use of tools and pro- cesses I collected and tested over the years from an- cient traditions as well as cutting-edge science. I have been employing these methods to help people of all walks of life to lead healthier, happier lives for the past 20 years. In the Residential Intensive “From Fear to Love”, you will gain access to them too!

The pain and disappointments of the past are behind me. What counts is the present and the people who have helped me find my smile again. Irma has magi- cal hands, is patient, loving and understanding. So is her partner Deepak whose culinary art surpasses everything I have tasted before. I hope as many people as possible get to benefit from their special gifts. Nina S.,


Azulverdeliving ecodwelling with natural living pool
View of natural living pool

Working in and with Nature

Nature is the obvious antidote to the stress of modern life. Just the simple actions of spending more time out- doors and stepping onto the earth help your body/ mind relax and heal itself. This is the idea behind our Residential Intensives.

We can accomplish a lot more in a short period of time working together here at our farm than in a busy, polluted city. My husband and I have created an environment conducive to health and healing. We grow organic produce while fruits ripen naturally on our many trees. Our eco-villa is surrounded with greenery and made of certified ecological materials in which it is actually healthy to live! Because they also insulate ten times better than brick or cement, we do not need air-conditioning and during the cool winter nights, the rooms remain cozy. Our Living Pool contains no chemicals and is home to a myriad of frogs. It invites to a rejuvenating swim or a refreshing dip, and it cools the surroundings naturally. Our cats and dogs love to be petted and played with, activities which produce happiness hormones in the body and automatically make you feel better.

Chasing away the clouds

Like clouds obscure the sun, negative emotions hide your true nature which is love. The fast- est way to find back to your real self is by chasing the clouds, in other words by removing the negative emotions, which are fear based. They get in the way of the positive ones, which are based on love. In a nutshell, that is the path from fear to love.

In the residential intensive “From Fear to Love” I accompany you through this journey. In targeted Transformational Coaching and Healing sessions, we release negativity, old trauma, dysfunctional beliefs and patterns from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


I have been feeling much lighter since the Intensive, more relaxed and in touch with myself. I had a lot of realizations and was able to let go and for- give. I feel a lot calmer. I sleep well. I am happy! I made it a hab- it to use the tools I have learned Marina,


Outside View Of Guest Room

Cultivate new, beneficial habits

You learn a simple yet highly effective daily ritual that will help keep your vibration high, which leads to better health and more love and joy. New beneficial habits change your life more effectively than one-time experiences without follow up. How many seminars have you attended, how many self-help books have you read already? Yes, they stretched your mind, expanded your vision and I am sure you gained from them. But have you experience the transformation you are yearning for?

You will enjoy your experience with us. But the essential aspect is for you to create a daily routine that supports you on your journey to more love. Daily life is made of habits, not of one-time peak experiences. While removing as much of the clouds – or the negativity – as possible in five days, I also equip you with easy to use self-help tools that keep you on the right track. The aim is for you to continue improving after you leave the re- treat!


  • 5 days,/4 nights, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon at our organic farm in Chowk.
  • 5 days,/4 nights, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon at our organic farm in Chowk.
  • 3 meals per day including organic food from our farm, plus tea , Living Water.
  • Use of chemical-free Living Pool
  • 5 Transformational Coaching and Healing sessions
  • 1 Introductory session
  • Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence workshop
  • Freedom Through Forgiveness workshop
  • Tibetan Rite and guided meditation every morning
  • Hypnosis recordings for additional relaxation and healing between sessions
  • Daily personal study time and relaxation and rejuvenation time

Included Tools

  • HeartMath
  • Hypnosis recordings
  • Guided Heart Meditation
  • Worry Buster
  • Letting Go Technique
  • Release Technique
  • 2 Hypnosis recordings


  • Guided Light Meditation


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