Healing Made Easy!

Nature is the obvious antidote to the stress of modern life. Just the simple actions of spending more time outdoors and stepping onto the earth help your body/mind relax and heal itself. This is the idea behind our Residential Intensives.

We can accomplish a lot more in a short period of time working together here at our farm than in a busy, polluted city. My husband and I have created an environment conducive to health and healing. We grow organic produce while fruits ripen naturally on our many trees. Our eco-villa is surrounded with greenery and made of certified ecological materials in which it is actually healthy to live! Because they also insulate ten times better than brick or cement, we do not need air- conditioning and during the cool winter nights, the rooms remain cozy.

“This was one of the best weeks of my life.”
N. Advani, India

“I don’t think I have ever slept so well in my entire life!”
R. Pradan, India

“I feel as relaxed and rejuvenated as if I had been on a  year long holiday!”
S. Tibriwalla, India

Our Living Pool contains no chemicals and is home to a myriad of frogs. It invites to a rejuvenating swim or a refreshing dip, and it cools the surroundings naturally. Our cats and dogs love to be petted and played with, activities which produce happiness hormones in the body and automatically make you feel better.


Nature automatically helps you reconnect with your deeper self. In our often chaotic everyday lives, we tend to disengage from our core. Maybe we feel the need to wear a mask to impress, and an armor to protect ourselves, to the point where we forget who we truly are.

We play a role, become a persona. We dissociate from our emotions. Lifeless, we feel increasingly frigid and detached. We may try to cover up this dullness by chasing extreme experiences providing us with a semblance of aliveness. To then drop back into boredom which often is about a lack of connection to self when the stress hormones subside. Or we become addicted to stress, in whatever guise we choose.

Natural Remedy

Sensing our feet on the ground, listening to the rhythm of our breath and experiencing the tide of our emotions gets us back in touch with Self. These activities occur more easily in nature, without the stimuli and gadgets that take over our attention in daily life.

Be taken aback by the beauty of a flower and truly feel wonder again! Let your taste buds be titillated by an enlivening salad prepared from organic ingredients that were growing in our kitchen garden an hour earlier and feel a deep sense of fulfilment. Perhaps it is petting Paco, our Labrador, that opens the petals of your heart and makes you feel true love and compassion. Enjoy profound sleep breathing clean air, covered in natural magnetic and far infrared technologies, bathed in negative ions and unaffected by EMFs and harmful positive ions (the Magnesium oxide of which our house is made creates a natural barrier to EMFs). Get back in harmony with the earth’s rejuvenating frequencies instead.


The first thing you will release as you arrive at our eco-farm is tension. Let it drip off your body and soul!

During our Transformational Coaching and Healing sessions, we will then work on releasing blockages in your body and mind. Be it energy blocks, dysfunctional beliefs that don’t serve you anymore or muscle knots and scar tissue, they all impede the flow and thus the healing process. So we get rid of them!


…or homeostasis is the definition of health. Your body has a tremendous capacity for self- healing. However, when it is exposed to too many stressors, when the toxins have accumulated for too long and it has be- come acidic, it will end up off center and complain by creating an illness. This is not the root cause, but a signal that some- thing requires your attention!

Nature is the best healer, and the fastest way to help the body find back into a state of balance.


The fresh air and natural environment, combined with Living Water and healthful food as well as the Transformational Coaching and Healing sessions will detoxify your body at a cellular level. This is one of the secrets for rejuvenation.

Others are being disconnecting from your electronic gadgets, traffic and a stressful job. By extricating yourself from your regular environment, exchanging it for a healing one, and disconnecting from internet for a few days, you will feel rejuvenated in a short period of time.


  • 5 days,/4 nights, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon at our organic farm in Chowk.
  • Room with attached semi-outdoor bathroom in a certified ecological house
  • 3 meals per day including organic food from our farm, plus tea , Living Water.
  • Use of chemical-free Living Pool
  • 5 x 90 min. Transformational Coaching and Healing sessions
  • 1 x 60 min. Introductory session
  • 1 x 90 min. cooking class “Eat Well, Live Well” by Chef Dhir
  • 1 x 90 min. class on holistic health
  • Tibetan Rite and guided meditation every morning
  • Hypnosis recordings for additional relaxation and healing between sessions
  • Daily personal study time and relaxation and rejuvenation time

Contact Me

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Irma Bättig

Mumbai — Chowk — Singapore

+91 845 200 6951


Visit me on the web at www.irmabattig.in

Included Tools

  • Healing Codes Stress Repatterning
  • Hypnosis recordings
  • Guided Light Meditation
  • Worry Buster
  • Release Technique
  • 2 Hypnosis recordings


  • Cook Book “Eat Well, Live Well”, ayurvedic Recipe book by Chef Dhir


For fee and payment modalities, contact Irma at: Irma@irmabattig.in, or +918452006951